Geotechnical study

Geotechnical research

Geotechnical studies for the construction of various buildings (legalization, upgrades), which include field work and office data processing, are given as a result developed geotechnical study.

Field studies include:

  • Circumnavigation of the field (reconnaissance),
  • Expert report
  • Investigations

The cabinet work is based on:

  • Collection, analysis and re-interpretation of previous field researches for a specific location,
  • Processing and analysis of data from field work, laboratory experiments, interpretation of laboratory experiments on soil samples taken from the exploration boreholes,
  • Making geostatic calculations: Soil permissible load (for shallow and deep foundation) and subsidence calculations.

By systematization of all these data, geotechnical study provides answers to general and specific questions related to the properties ,state and behavior of geological environment and the changes under the influence of various construction activities and natural processes.

Complete documentation conducted through fieldwork and office work was compiled in geotechnical study.

Stavke Geotehničkog elaborata

Geotechnical study, in its structure and order, contains the following information:

  1. information about the company
  2. contractor's license with a valid extension of the license of the contractor
  3. content of geotechnical study
  4. text part
  5. drawings that include:
    • engineering geological map
    • the situation of the field
    • geotechnical sections of the field
    • geological exploration boreholes profiles
  6. laboratory tests presented in the form of diagrams and linear semilogarithmic division as well as in the form of verified statements on testing (for accredited methods)
  7. geostatic calculations were done by licensed programs for various types of calculations::
    • calculation of allowable loads on the ground rules on technical standards
    • calculation of allowable loads on ground-standard Eurocode 7
    • calculation of allowable loads on the ground Methods Terzaghi's
    • calculation of consolidation settlement of the foundation soil
    • pile capacity calculation by Brinch Hansen
    • pile capacity calculation method of De Beer's
    • pile capacity calculation based on the static penetration tests
    • calculation of bearing capacity of piles groups over the equivalent plate
    • time consolidation calculation
    • program for the dimensioning of retaining wall
    • program for dimensioning the supporting wall-cladding of reinforced concrete feet
    • funding calculation on elastic foundation